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3 Person Goodwill Sparring Teams

432The USA Technical Advisory Committee has added ANOTHER exciting new division to the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention. Any 3 Dan members can now create their own 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team and compete against other 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Teams in this “made for Dans” new division.

  • 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team members do not have to be from the same studio nor even from the same region.
  • No regional or studio qualification process is required in order to form a 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team.
  • Whoever is on a 3 Person  Goodwill Sparring Team is at the discretion of the Team members.
  • In the Goodwill division a team of three spar another team of three in regular two person matches.

So if you have a couple of friends in your studio or in other studios or even in other regions who you would like to match up with to make a team and take on all challengers, reach out to them and make plans to register as a Goodwill 3 Person Sparring Team today. If you’d like to compete on a 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team, but do not have team mates you can even register for the division individually and then the TAC will randomly match you up with two other members at the event to create a 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team. 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Teams 

  • 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Teams are composed by three individual members within and/or across regions at member discretion.
  • 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Teams may also be composed by random matching of any three members at the event for those members who register for the division but do not compose their own team in advance.
  • A member may not serve on more than one team.
  • 3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team elimination rules will be based on total points

3 Person Goodwill Sparring Team Divisions

  • Dan Adults male ages 18 to 39
  • Dan Adult males 40 up
  • Dan Adults female ages 18 to 39
  • Dan Adults female ages 40 up
  • Dan Teens mixed genders ages 13 to 17
  • Dan Youth mixed genders ages 8 to 12
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Moo Duk Kwan Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Preparation Seminar

1402919_465959200191903_1501104906_oSam Dans and above are eligible to attend the Technical Advisory Committee’s Moo Duk Kwan® Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Preparation Seminar at the 2014 United States Soo Bahk Dop Moo Duk Kwan Federation® National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention.

If you are a Dan who has set a personal goal to achieve Ko Dan Ja rank in the future, then this is a great seminar to help you prepare for the seminal experience in your Soo Bahk Do® career which will be the annual Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa.

Check the 2014 Festival agenda for the date and time.



I Missed The Opportunity To Qualify To Attend The 2014 National Festival

Question: I am a Gup student and I missed the opportunity to bid or pledge for the National Festival and I am wondering if there is any way that I can still qualify to attend?

Answer: Yes, you still have another opportunity to attend the National Festival thanks to the leadership initiative of the members and supporters who demonstrated strong personal initiative and extended exceptional support for the 2014 National Festival Destination. (Listed below)

Each of them have been given five (5) invitations that they can give to whoever they want. Contact one of them listed below and perhaps you can still get an invitation to attend the Festival and that is all that’s required for you to qualify to attend in 2014.

You are invited

(If you bid or pledged and your name is not listed, please email headquarters@soobahkdo.com )

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More Teams Per Region Can Now Attend National Festival


Regions may now field more that one team in Regional Team Divisions at the National Festival.

  1. Regional Adult Sparring Team
  2. Regional Teen Sparring Team
  3. Regional Youth Sparring Team
  4. Regional Senior Hyung Team
  5. Regional Adult Hyung Team
  6. Regional Youth Hyung Team
  7. Additionally, the new 3-Person Goodwill Sparring Teams (composed independently by individuals) allows any number of non-regional teams to be composed by any number of members from any mix of studios or regions, but 3 person teams are individual teams and not ” Regional Teams” which may be eligible for regional funding.

TAC will accommodate all Regional Teams present at the National Festival.

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Four Times As Many Kick-a-thon Prizes in 2014

Four Times As Many Prizes in 2014

The United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® Board of Directors has approved four (4) prize periods during 2014 with National level prizes being awarded at the close of each prize period.

You have multiple opportunities during 2014 to host or participate in a Moo Duk Kwan® Kick-a-thon when doing so best fits into your schedule.  And even if your studio’s schedule prevents one from being hosted, you can still compete for Studio prizes, Regional prizes and National prizes by activating your personal fundraiser online at www.mykickathon.org and raising funds that will count toward your prize totals at the end of each prize period.

Each prize calculation period will close promptly on the dates indicated.

Kick-a-thon proceeds received at Headquarters by, or postmarked by, the closing date will be counted toward prizes in the period during which they are received. For example, if you host, or participate in, a Kick-a-thon in March and the proceeds from that Kick-a-thon arrive at Headquarters in April, then they will be counted toward prizes in Qtr 2, not in Qtr 1 even though the Kick-a-thon occurred in Qtr 1. This policy will assure prompt recognition of participants, prompt calculation of prize winners and prompt delivery of prizes by NOT waiting on late submissions in order to close out prize calculations and fulfillment for a published prize period.


Airplane-Takeoff-256Studio National Grand Prize At Year End 2014

  • Year End Studio Grand Prize
    • Studio that raises the most over $2000
      • The Board has also added a Studio Grand Prize at year end and it will be awarded to the studio with the highest percentage of participating students and raising the most over $2000 by 12/31/2014, so if you want to host more than one Kick-a-thon you can help boost your studio’s chance to win.
      • The studio raising the most over $2000 during 2014 will win an expense paid trip to the 2015 National Festival that includes airfare, hotel, meals and entry fees for one.

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290 Questionnaires Mailed to 2014 Ko Da Ja Shim Sa Time Eligible Members

master_150x150Today, two hundred and ninety + (290+) time eligible members of the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® were mailed a questionnaire to further determine their eligibility to test at the 2014 Moo Duk Kwan® Ko Dan J Shim Sa November 14-21, 2014 in Ramona California.

Responses are due by May 14th, 2014 from the 290 questionnaires mailed to 2014 Ko Dan J Shim Sa time eligible members.

After May 14th, the names of the members who respond will be submitted to their Regional Officials for recommendations, then the Technical Advisory Committee will distribute official invitations to qualified members who are recommended and approved to receive an invitation.

Dans and Gups can join in the excitement and the unique learning experience of the annual Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa by participating in the Moment With The Masters on the opening weekend of the annaul Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa week.

Follow the 2014 Ko Da Ja Shim Sa to learn more about the extraordinary training opportunities available at this unique Moo Duk Kwan® event.

2013 Moment With The Masters Participants

2013 Moment With The Masters Participants


Are you thinking about the day in the future when you might be one of the members receiving a questionnaire determining your eligibility to test for a master level rank? If so, then you may want to contemplate the personal actions you will need to take between now and then so that your answers will be favorable for the following questions:

2014 Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Eligibility Questionnaire

Please answer all questions on separate page(s) and be sure to submit your personal instructor’s signed recommendation form before May 14th, 2014. Date: Name: Address: Mobile Number: Email: Dan Bon: Current Rank: Date Of Last Promotion:

Date Your Membership Expires: Your Institute Account User Name: Your Institute Affiliate ID: (if applicable)

  1. Please specify which Federation National Championships you have participated in over the last five years.
  2. Please list all donations you have made over the past five years to the Foundation, the Federation, or the National Moo Duk Kwan-a-thon fundraiser at the National Festival. (silent auction contributions, monetary donations, time, services, etc.)
  3. Please list all Federation Summer Camp or TAC Seminars you have attended in the last five years.
  4. Please list all Federation Regional Dan Testings at which you have assisted in the past five years. (Places and dates)
  5. Please give the names and dates of all Regional Tournaments or Regional Seminars that you have organized or assisted with.
  6. What other contributions have you made to your Region?
  7. What contributions have you made to Soo Bahk Do on the National Level?
  8. What contributions have you made to Soo Bahk Do on the International Level?
  9. Do you support the Federation as a “Member’s Organization” by teaching and encouraging parents and students to register all students promptly with the Federation?
  10. If you are a Certified Instructor operating a Certified Studio or a Certified Teaching Program, please list the exam dates for each of your Gup Test submissions to Headquarters over the past three years. If your records are incomplete you can request a report from Headquarters.
  11. If you are a Certified Instructor, have you ever received inquiries regarding your student’s rank testing submissions or registration of new members? (e.g. Failure to submit student rank testings or failure to register new students as members.) If yes, please explain.
  12. Please list any awards or special recognition you have received in or outside of the Moo Duk Kwan® or Soo Bahk Do® training.
  13. How many classes per week do you personally teach?
  14. Do you serve as Chief Instructor? Assistant Instructor? At what Certified Studio?
  15. How often do you train with your own instructor? Their name?
  16. How often have you trained at National Headquarters in the past five years?
  17. Why do you think you should be considered a Ko Dan Ja Candidate?
  18. If you are invited to test, would you prefer to test in Korea in October 2014 or in California, USA in November 14-21, 2014

“Individual participation is the Key Energy necessary to strengthen our foundation.” – HC Hwang, Kwan Jang Nim

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